Downloadable information packs (PDF files) for each of our club layouts can be found at the bottom of this page. To enquire about exhibition availability of our layouts drop us an email here.

You can also see some private layouts of club members showcased here.

N Gauge

Clintons Bend

Clintons Bend is a continuous run layout set in the region of the real life town of Clinton, Iowa on the banks of the mighty Mississippi River.

The route is a busy one with a steady stream of passenger and freight traffic plying between the Great Lakes and the Far West.

​The layout features three distinct areas separated by scenic breaks.

Clintons Bend is available for exhibitions, click here to see more information.

Winsford Hill

The layout features a two track main line alongside a rail served stone quarry loosely based on the Windsor Hill tunnel section of the Somerset & Dorset line.

There is regular passing traffic on the mains lines, whilst wagons are shunted / loaded and dispatched from the quarry.

​Part of the the layout is currently under reconstruction, you can see read more about Winsford Hill here.

Ipswich South Bank

Measuring 8′ by 2’6″, Ipswich South Bank started as a junior layout, representing a modern railway and drawing inspiration from around the Ipswich area.

It is currently undergoing a major rebuild to make it more prototypical, interesting and reliable in operation.

​Ipswich South Bank is currently undergoing a major rebuild, however for more information and photographs click here.

The Grafton Group of layouts

Grafton Maltings

A ‘0’-16.5 narrow gauge layout of an East Anglian maltings set in the 1950’s era.

The 8ft * 2ft 6in layout is end to end, station to four road fiddle yard.

Grafton Maltings is available for display and operation at exhibitions, for more information and photos click here.

Grafton Green

Grafton Green is a 4mm scale OO gauge exhibition layout, set in the 1940’s East End of London.

Trams run on the high street, tube train in the “cut and cover” and suburban trains trundle over the arches.

​The tramway includes conduit, a plough pit, crossover and convergence to a single track.

​Grafton Green is available for exhibition, for more information click here.

Grafton Viaduct

Grafton Viaduct is an ‘OO’ gauge layout set in the modern steam/diesel era.

It is a ‘hands on’ layout for the younger vistors at exhibitions and can be operated by a single operator with motorised point control and section breaks or used as a double ‘race track’.

The layout was conceived to inspire the junior and senior members who have been involved in various aspects of the layout.

O Gauge


Crossleigh is the Association’s 0 gauge layout built to fine scale standards – 32 mm scale. 29 mm back to back.   

It is a terminus to fiddle yard layout, with a single track main line running through to the fiddle yard.

A branch line also starts from the main station climbing to a high level station. ​

Read more about Crossleigh here.


Holmehurst was originally built and exhibited at 30 shows between 1995 – 2003, by a former member / Chairman; Keith Lodge. Having taken early retirement and with plans to fulfil his dreams to live on a narrow boat, Keith very kindly donated the layout to IRMA.

See more about Holmehurst here.

OO Gauge

Barham Junction

Barham Junction is the club’s newest layout, we’re currently looking for some suggestions for what we could include. 

​Click here for more information and photos of the layout in construction and running.

Welton Industrial

Welton Industrial is named after (late) club president, Ken Welton.

The layout (as the name suggests) is based around an industrial setting with oil & aggregates terminals, plus a container operation which includes a fully operational crane.

The layout is privately owned by a small group of club members and can be seen running at our open days.

Read more about Welton Industrial here.

Enquiries regarding the layouts should be made via the relevant PDF, club Email or the via the IRMA Exhibition Manager.