Welton Industrial

Welton Industrial is a layout started back in July 2010 by 5 IRMA club members, its size is 15ft x 9ft making it easily transportable to enable us to attend exhibitions.

As the name suggests the layout is entirely industrial, named after the club building Welton House, which takes its name from a past President of the club.

It comprises:

  1. A stone quarry loading head with a narrow gauge railway supplying stone from the quarry.
  2. An oil depot with large oil storage tanks and transfer facilities to road haulage.
  3. Container depot to allow container trains to off load to road haulage.
  4. Diesel / Steam engine shed set in the cross over period around 1968.
  5. Fiddle Yard.

The layout operates under DCC control and, as well as the above features, has a double track main line which runs around the perimeter of the industrial complex.