Crossleigh is an 0 gauge layout built to fine scale standards (32mm scale. 29 mm back to back).

Crossleigh is a terminus to fiddle yard layout, running approximately 32 feet by 20 feet which includes a medium size junction station with goods and loco facilities, with a single track main line running through to the fiddle yard. A branch line also starts from the main station climbing to a high level station. Stock on the layout has been produced for several of the earlier companies being mainly kit built.

We believe this to be a fair representation of a country railway set in the pre-diesel era. Track is mainly Peco and C & L with all points being hand built. These are operated electrically by a mixture of H&M and Lemarco point motors.
The layout is run by ECM Comspeed controllers and operates as a flexible form of Cab Control with switching from fiddle yard to main panel as required.