Grafton Green

Grafton Green is a 4mm scale ‘OO’ gauge exhibition layout, set in the 1940’s east end of London.

Trams run on the high street, tube train in the “cut and cover” and suburban trains trundle over the arches.

The tramway includes conduit, a plough pit, crossover and convergence to a single track. The scenics include canal side warehousing, pubs and a music hall. The stations serve suburban trains (Grafton Green) and the tube trains (Dock Green). A street market, with over 100 figures, fills a side road while the London high street has stores, shops and pubs. It is early September, so not too much bomb damage.

The layout is designed so that a single operator uses DCC to control the suburban trains. The trains run backwards behind the scenes so there is no uncoupling or fiddling. The trams and the underground run automatically on sequencers, with minimal help from the operator. Hence the layout and two operators can be transported to exhibitions in one small van or a tow-a-van trailer.

The layout (which is available for other MRC exhibitions in East Anglia) was conceived to inspire the junior and senior members who have been involved in various aspects of the layout.

To enquire about Grafton Green appearing at exhibitions drop the IRMA team an email here.

Dimensions: 16ft x 2ft 6in. (2.3m * 0.75m),  A 2ft passage to the rear is useful for access.
Tables:           Free-standing with front viewing. A small table is useful for tea and refreshments.
Power:           One single 13 amp socket.
Operators:     Two, one plus the assistant/relief.
Transport:     Small van or Tow-a-van, (layout size 5*2.5*2ft  +  3*2.5*2ft)
Expenses:     Fuel and hire of the vehicle and refreshments for the operators.
Set-up time:  One hour
Insurance:     Value of layout and stock £3000.