Llwyndre Rhaeadr

A typical Welsh narrow gauge slate mine scene in 009. 1:76 scale (4mm to foot). The 2ft 3in narrow gauge line is now a tourist attraction for the waterfall, viaduct and slate mine tour. The short head shunt remains where the mining spoil was tipped into the valley. The valley is not as deep as it was.

​RHAEADR is waterfall but as far as we know the word LLWYNDRE doesn’t exist as such in Welsh. 
Dre, see Tre. 
Tre(f) = homestead, hamlet, town.      
Llwyn = grove, bush.

Since Grafton comes from old English for “The Homestead in the Grove” then a literal translation of Grafton into Welsh, rendered as a Welsh place name, would be Llwyndre or Llwyn-dre. 

Technical Details

Dimensions: 6ft x 2ft. A 2ft passage to the rear is useful for access.
Tables: Free-standing with viewing to three sides. A small table for rolling stock.
Power: Single 13 amp socket.
Operators: Two operators.
Transport: One hatchback load.
Expenses: Fuel for the vehicle and refreshments for the operators.
Set-up time: 30 minutes
Insurance: Value of layout and stock £1,000.
Contact: Bob Wilkinson on 01394 279060 – [email protected]
Dave Rogers – [email protected]